The Ortho Molecular Answer


“I watched my husband get his life back! He is happier and healthier than before his illness was diagnosed, all thanks to the wisdom found at”

- LO

“Excellent service, help and guidance! Thanks for providing such a great web-site!”

- JW

The following quotes are from '18 Personal Stories of Recovery', by Abram Hoffer, M.D., Ph.D. Dr. Hoffer was responsible for helping Peter Leeds with Ortho Molecular Science, as well as these people whose comments follow.

“My recovery since May 2003 is almost solely due to the Ortho Molecular treatment, and of course, my parents’ optimism and support.”

- HW

“... I felt I had been given my life back. Everything looked brighter and I felt infused with energy that I couldn’t remember ever having...Life was great.”

- RM

“I feel considerably happier and more positive, and am looking forward to a long and productive life.”

- HB

“Combined with a good diet and moderate exercise program, taking vitamin supplements can actually make you feel better than before you developed the illness. And the satisfaction of knowing you are healed... when everybody labels it incurable is immense.”

- EB

“... The Niacin, which I still have to take some thirty years later, and a close attention to my diet, saved my life.”

- Tom

“I do know that it worked for me and that there are undoubtedly others who need to hear my message...”

- JK

“I didn’t find the treatment (Ortho Molecular) difficult to follow because I started to feel better fairly quickly. I began to feel more hopeful and positive...I feel really good... There are so many people suffering who could become well.”

- Julian

“Any parent who becomes aware that their child is suffering with a devastating mental illness should investigate Ortho Molecular treatment, overcoming all the obstacles that will be placed in their path, so that their child can become the person they were meant to be.”

- Julian’s mother

“... a young man..., as the direct result of Ortho Molecular medicine and its treatment regimen, has journeyed through the fog, confusion, and debilitating attributes of schizophrenia.”

- JS

“I hope this account will help people... realize they may actually heal completely, without taking medicines and live a much healthier life by following an Ortho Molecular program.”

- EB

“The Ortho Molecular treatment works for me...I no longer desire to pick up a bottle of pills overdose. I’m more apt to pick up a bottle of vitamins and take them instead.”

- EK

“I wish this information had been available to me when I was younger and first went for treatment, because it’s what saved me. I have no doubt in my mind that without this routine... I would be struggling to find stability for an indefinite amount of time, if not my entire life.”

- LH