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Here is a link to "A Message of Hope," a 16-minute video to help get the word out regarding Abram Hoffer and orthomolecular science.





We need your help! Unfortunately conventional medicine is working overtime to shut down anything superior to their own outdated practices.  Help fight back by joining the growing army that is benefiting from integrative, non-conventional approaches.

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Just to provide a follow-up regarding the Liberation Procedure I received for MS, I'm very happy to say that things are still looking great for me.  I feel wonderful, am at the gym regularly, and don't suffer as much from fatigue, loss of balance, and lack of coordination.

I highly recommend that anyone with MS look seriously into having the procedure done.  Hopefully you will benefit from it as I have.

Upon a 3 month follow-up visit, they confirmed that my veins were still open, and that the procedure had been a success from a physical standpoint.  Add to that, I feel dramatically better.



I went a few weeks ago to get the CCSVI procedure (known as the Liberation Treatment).  It is to help people with MS, who have restricted blood flow, which can lead to exacerbations and MS symptoms.

I went to Albany, NY, and was treated by Dr. Mehta and his team.  Dr. Mehta is the leading mind in the field, and people come from very far away just to have him do their procedure. 

It cost just under $9,000.  It took a total of four hours, but only 40 minutes of that was the actual procedure.  No pain, no discomfort.  They gave me an IV which had something in it to calm me down, so that I was fine before, during, and after.

The results?  Night and day.  My balance has come back dramatically and instantly.  My fatigue levels are waaay lower.  Strength, energy, and spirits are all up, big time.  I feel like a new man.

Understand that CCSVI doesn't necessarily work for everyone, and all people get different results.  However, with basically zero risk (you have more risk driving to the procedure than actually having it done), and an 85% success rate, all people with MS should seriously look into getting this done! 



Another breakthrough for Multiple Sclerosis (MS) - by taking low doses of a drug used to treat alchoholism and drug addiction.