The Ortho Molecular Answer


What is Ortho Molecular Science?

Ortho Molecular Science prevents and treats disease by optimizing the body's natural substances.
It also involves avoidance of foods and substances that are harmful to your body.
Treatment involves supplements of vitamins and nutrients, sometimes in mega-dosage amounts, that calibrate your body to do what it naturally wants to do - heal itself.

What do I have to do?

By learning more about how Ortho Molecular Science has benefited others will similar illnesses or health concerns, you may decide to follow a similar approach. Such an approach may involve taking specific combinations of vitamins and minerals, avoiding specific types of foods, and making lifestyle adjustments.

How do I get started?

All the nutrients you will need a available over the counter in your local drug store. It doesn't matter which brand name you prefer - we have no vested interest in one brand or company over another.

Do you sell pills?

No. Since everything you might need is readily available over the counter at any drugstore, you do not need us to get what your Ortho Molecular plan requires.

What do I need to buy?

Depending on your Ortho Molecular needs, you may need to buy various over the counter vitamins and supplements. For example, vitamins C, D, calcium, magnesium, etc... All of these are standard supplements and are readily available.

Why haven't I heard about it before?

It has long been time to bring Ortho Molecular Science to the mass market. Until now, much of the promotion of the benefits of Ortho Molecular Science was directed towards conventional doctors, who unfortunately have shown a bias towards medication and drugs for treatment.
In addition, much of the promotion of the benefits of Ortho Molecular Science was directed towards conventional doctors, who have shown a bias towards medication and drugs for treatment.
Now, Ortho Molecular supporters finally have the partner they need to bring their message to the mass market. Peter Leeds, a successful businessman who was diagnosed with MS (multiple sclerosis), was helped significantly by Dr. Abram Hoffer and Otho Molecular science.
In fact, one visit with Dr. Hoffer helped stop the progression of the illness in its tracks. In response, Peter Leeds has made it his promise to share the benefits of Ortho Molecular Science with 1 million clients by December 31st, 2011. He will do this through Peter's Promise, a company he built specifically for that goal.

If it works so well, why don't people talk about it or use it?

Ortho Molecular Science is growing rapidly in popularity. Ortho Molecular organizations have sprung up all over the word in recent years, in places like Germany, Canada, and Japan.
In fact, the United States is probably one of the least knowledgeable nations about the benefits of Ortho Molecular Science. This may be partially caused by an increasing reliance on unnecessary drugs, and a strong 'medicate first' approach to wellness.
The great news is that, even in the USA, Ortho Molecular Science is rapidly becoming more widely known.

Why hasn't my doctor heard of it?

Nothing can stop an idea whose time has come. More and more people and medical practitioners are learning about, and prescribing Ortho Molecular regimens every day.
We have a long way to go, and a lot of work to do, but it will be surprising if most doctors are not well aware of the benefits of Ortho Molecular Science in the next decade.
You will find that since the concept is so new to the United States, most people, and in fact most doctors, have not yet heard of Ortho Molecular Science. Luckily, it is one of the fastest growing health concepts in existence today.

Why doesn't my doctor like the idea of Ortho Molecular Science?

Unfortunately, Ortho Molecular Science is not widely known or understood, even by medical practitioners.
Luckily, there are no harmful side effects, it is not dangerous, and usually will not interfere with any conventional medical treatments. In fact, it will put your body in it's best shape to deal with whatever medications you may already be taking.
You do not need your doctor's permission to use an Ortho Molecular approach to obtain your peak health. If a medical practitioner acts to discourage you, it will usually be because they are not well versed in Ortho Molecular Science.