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Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

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I went a few weeks ago to get the CCSVI procedure (known as the Liberation Treatment).  It is to help people with MS, who have restricted blood flow, which can lead to exacerbations and MS symptoms.

I went to Albany, NY, and was treated by Dr. Mehta and his team.  Dr. Mehta is the leading mind in the field, and people come from very far away just to have him do their procedure. 

It cost just under $9,000.  It took a total of four hours, but only 40 minutes of that was the actual procedure.  No pain, no discomfort.  They gave me an IV which had something in it to calm me down, so that I was fine before, during, and after.

The results?  Night and day.  My balance has come back dramatically and instantly.  My fatigue levels are waaay lower.  Strength, energy, and spirits are all up, big time.  I feel like a new man.

Understand that CCSVI doesn't necessarily work for everyone, and all people get different results.  However, with basically zero risk (you have more risk driving to the procedure than actually having it done), and an 85% success rate, all people with MS should seriously look into getting this done!

Attention: There has been a tremendous breakthrough with treating Mulitple Sclerosis that is very significant. You can read more about it by visiting this Multiple Sclerosis article on Peter's Promise. 

Multiple Sclerosis is a progressive disease, with no known cause or cure. An auto-immune illness, MS causes the body to 'attack itself', which results in damage to the central nervous system.

Ortho Molecular Science has enjoyed tremendous successes, not least of which involved Peter Leeds, the founder of Peter's Promise.

Through dietary restrictions, and augmentation with supplements (nutrients, minerals, vitamins), Peter Leeds saw his illness stop progressing, and many of the symptoms diminish. His year over year MRI's demonstrate the irrefutable proof in the power of Ortho Molecular Science.

This medical success led Peter Leeds to build Peter's Promise, to spread the word of Ortho Molecular Science to the millions of people that it can help.

What can you do about MS:

You can stand up to Multiple Sclerosis (MS), heal previous damage, and give your body it's best fighting chance. Do this by:

1. following the dietary restrictions, and taking the supplements, as suggested by Peter's Promise. (This can be done in alone, or in conjunction with any MS drugs or medications you are currently taking)

2 . consulting with an Ortho Molecular therapist.

Read the latest Ortho Molecular information on Multiple Sclerosis (MS) right here at Peter's Promise, and check back frequently for updates, new resources, and recent case studies.

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The Ortho Molecular Answer to MS:

Ortho Molecular doctors typically treat Multiple Sclerosis with high doses of vitamins, and dietary restrictions.

  • One very important vitamin in the treatment of MS is vitamin D or the "sunshine" vitamin.

Studies indicate that there is an increase in MS cases in areas where there is less sunshine. Where there is not enough ultraviolet in the sunlight to produce enough vitamin D, there is an increase in MS cases.

  • Recently it has been shown that vitamin B3 (Niacin) decreases the damage to nerve fibers.
  • B-12 is the 'myelin sheath builder!' Multiple Sclerosis (MS) causes damage to the myelin sheath, and your body needs B-12 to repair that damage.

Avoid Caffeine - In the case of Peter Leeds, it turned out to be caffeine that brought on his MS exaserbations, because it produced Adrenochrome in his body. Andrenochrome was the main culprit that led to his system attacking itself.

Avoid Dairy - Despite Peter Leeds not being allergic to milk, or lactose intolerant, Dr. Abram Hoffer, one of the fathers of Ortho Molecular Science, told him to avoid dairy. Many people's systems do not recognize milk and dairy properly, and it can cause your immune system to over-react. In the case of people with autoimmune diseases, like Multiple Sclerosis, this over-reaction can lead to damage to the myelin sheath. (And subsequently result in typical symptoms of MS).

Avoid Aspartame - Research suggests that foreign substances called xenobiotics may be a factor in increasing the body's need for vitamins.

One key xenobiotic that should be avoided is aspartame, one type of artificial sweetner. Cases are being reported of people who recover from a diagnosis of MS by eliminating sugar free drinks from their diets.

When heated above 86 degrees, aspartame breaks down releasing formaldehyde, then formic acid and finally metabolic acidosis. This can result in exaserbation of Multiple Sclerosis symptoms.



This daily therapy must be customized by an Ortho Molecular therapist. Always take with food.

Vitamin B3 Niacin - 500 to 1000 milligrams a day. (Be sure to read about side effects, the harmless Niacin Flush)

Vitamin D - 5,000 to 10,000 IU

Vitamin C - 3 grams and more

Vitamin B complex 100s - once daily

Essential Fatty Acids (like Salmon oil, up to 3 times a day)

Zinc citrate 50 mg

B-12 injections - 1mg, twice weekly

Avoid caffienne, dairy, and fake sweeteners (like aspartame)


Here is the guidance that Dr. Abram Hoffer provided to Peter Leeds, to treat his case of Multiple Sclerosis:

Niacin - 500 milligrams, 3 times daily

Vitamin D - 5,000 IU's, twice daily

Vitamin C - 2 grams, 3 times daily

Vitamin B complex 100s - one daily

Salmon Oil - 1g, 3 per day

Zinc - 50mg per day

Calcium / Magnesium - 3 per day

Folic acid - 5mg per day

Liquid B12, by sub-cutaneous injection - 1mg, 2 injections per week

Avoid milk, caffeine, and aspartame/fake sweeteners.

Avoid colas, soda pop, and keep alchohol in moderation.