The Ortho Molecular Answer

General Health

Although no one can predict when illness will strike, there are a lot of steps you can take to ensure that your body is in balance.  Doing so may avoid many illnesses assuming that your diet is clean and your body is properly nourished.

The modern North American diet does not provide the appropriate nutrients required for the body and brain to function.  Additionally, there are a lot of toxins that we ingest on a daily basis that can harm your body.

Protecting your body with a general health regimen can avoid disease and promote longevity of life. 


Avoid sugar as much as possible, especially refined or processed sugars. Do not use sugar in things such as coffee, do not eat high sugar foods, avoid sweet deserts and do not drink soda.

Eat three times per day and have meals consist of a balance of all types of foods as long as they don't create allergic reactions.

Drink pleanty of water every day, some sources suggest up to 12 glasses.

Exercise daily

Avoid alcoholic beverages in excess

Do not smoke

Avoid unhealthy levels of stress where possible.

Take vitamins!


This must be customized by your Ortho Molecular therapist.

Vitamin C - 6,000 to 18,000 mg per day

Vitamin E - 400 IU to 1,600 IU daily

Vitamin B Comlex 50s or 100s - once daily

Vitamin A - 25,000 IU daily

Mineral Supplement with the following:

*Calcium 100 mg

*Iron 18 mg

*Iodine 0.15 mg

*Copper 1 mg

*Magnesium 25 mg

*Manganeses 3 mg

*Zinc 15 mg

*Molybdenum 0.015 mg

*Chromium 0.015 mg

*Selenium 0.015 mg

Your Ortho Molecular therapist will be able to assist you in determining appropriate levels of vitamin C for your body as it may cause loose stool in too high a dosage.