The Ortho Molecular Answer

Common Cold Prevention/Treatment

It is a common saying that "there is no cure for the common cold".  Although that may be true, there is a lot of research done by Ortho Molecular therapists that suggests that symptoms can be significantly reduced by treating the common cold with vitamin C. 

Linus Pauling, winner of two Nobel Prizes, was not only the first person to discover that vitamin C aided in cold treatment and prevention, but he is also the founder of Ortho Molecular research. 



In order to prepare your body to avoid the common cold all together, the body requires an appropriate level of Vitamin C as well as a nutritional program to support health.

Avoiding refined sugars at all times is the key nutritional requirement to prepare the body to prevent the common cold.

Take pleanty of Vitamin C - 1,000 mg or more every 8 hours.



Vitamin C - 2,000 mg or more every hour that you are awake and continue treatment until the cold is gone.

If you experience loose stool, reduce the dosage by 50%

Test studies show that by following the above regime may reduce cold syptoms in up to 85% of the individuals studied.

Ortho Molecular Science has found that by taking 10 grams or more of vitamin C per day over many years prevents colds completely.