The Ortho Molecular Answer


  • There does not appear to be a difference in the essential nutrients required by the body to fight any type of cancer. 


  • current Ortho Molecular scientists believe that all cancers may be treated with the same regimen of vitamins.

Ortho Molecular treatments for cancer do not focus on the cancer tissues themselves, but rather attempt to boost the bodies own natural defense system to control the cancerous growths.

A comprehensive nutrient program must be added to an improved food intake to assist in boosting the bodies own natural defense mechanism.

Vitamin C is the main required vitamin in boosting natural immunity. 

Ortho Molecular treatment with vitamin C and other anti oxidants does not interfere with standard treatment of surgery, radiation and chemotherapy traditionally used as methods to treat cancer by physicians. 

A leading Ortho Molecular therapist's research with over 1500 cancer patients has found that there is literally no negative interaction from Vitamin C while patients are undergoing chemotherapy.  Vitamin treatment of over 1500 patients has resulted in prolongation of life. 

There is not a single documented study that shows that vitamin C does not have a positive effect on cancer patients.

There is not a single study indicating that Vitamin C treatment interferes in any way with either chemotherapy or radiation.

One recent study indicated that Antioxidants including vitamin C enhance the growth-inhibitory effects on cancer cells while protecting normal cells.

A recent study indicated that the overall 5 year survival rate for chemotherapy patients was less than 2.5% whereas a review of Ortho Molecular therapy has showed the survival rate to be 4 times as effective as chemotherapy.

Ortho Molecular therapy has shown to be as effective as chemotherapy and does not harm the cancer patient.  Unlike chemotherapy there are literally no toxic side effects from the use of vitamins to treat cancer.

Vitamin C kills cancer cells but does not kill normal cells as found in traditional chemotherapy. 

A mixture of antioxidants is proven to be the most effective means of treating cancer, specifically Ascorbic acid (vitamin C), Vitamin E and beta carotene.


Foods that contain more selenium markely decrease the incidence of cancer.  

The healthier a person is with their diet, the less chance there is of getting cancer although this is not a steadfast rule.

A diet which emphasized vegetables and fruit, replaces meat with fish, avoids sugars, alcohol and chemicals should decrease the incidence of cancer.

Avoiding ingesting anything that does not retain the original food value from which it has been extracted such as sugar and alcohol.  These two items do not contain protein, fat and essential nutrients.

Do not consume any food preparation which contains additives (xenobiotics).

There is no hard fast rule when it comes to food and cancer therefore it is difficult to determine what series of factors will promote the irregular growth of cancer cells. 



The following Ortho Molecular Science program is based on a leading Ortho Molecular therapists treatment of over 1500 patients treated since 1960.

Most of the patients treated have lived longer!

It is compatible with any standard medical program and will decrease the toxic side effects of radiation and chemotherapy. 

It will enhance the overall wellbeing of the cancer patient and will promote healing after surgery. 

High ascorbic acid blood levels is a safe form of chemotherapy.

It is possible that the levels of vitamin c required to assist in the fight against cancer may only be reached via intra venous administration of this vitamin. 

Amounts as high as 100 grams given over 4 to 6 hours of sodium ascorbate are used.

Clients are encouraged to seek out physicians who are willing to provide this treatment.

Oral treatment of vitamin C is possible however, the ascorbic acid blood levels will be much lower.  The vitamins must be taken frequently during the day as the rate of excretion from the body is very rapid.

Oral Treatment

12 grams (3 level teaspoons) of powdered of crystal Vitamin C dissolved in 12 ounces of juice and stored in the refrigerator. 

Drink two ounces of the solution 6 times daily (breakfast, mid morning, lunch, mid afternoon, dinner, and before bed)

If this dose is found to be tolerable, it should be slowly increased by adding additional vitamin C to the solution. 

The dose is generally increased until it begins to act as a laxative.  The stool will become soft, more liquidy and more frequent.  At this point the dose will be decreased. 

The most substantial results are generally seen when the dose of vitamin c is kept as high as possible. 

Research has shown that patients who ingested 40 grams daily had a much better chance of recovering. 

As time goes on clients tend to have to decrease the dosage as the body needs less and less and therefore cannot tolerate as much of the vitamin.

Vitamin B3 Niacin and Niacinamide - 100 mg to 1000 mg three times daily after meals.  Niacin is generally the preferred method of treatment assuming that the flush can be tolerated.

Vitamin B Complex  - 100s once daily

Vitamin E (Alpha tocopherol Succinate) - 400 IU twice daily

Vitamin D - 6000 to 10,000 IU daily

Folic Acid - 5 to 10 mg daily, especially for cancer of cervix and lung

Selenium - 1000 micrograms daily

Zinc Citrate - 50 mg daily

Coenzyme Q10 - 100 mg three times daily

Curcumin - 1000 mg three times daily combined with Bioperin (5 mg) twice daily