The Ortho Molecular Answer

Dr. Hoffer's Notes

Here are the notes made by Dr. Abram Hoffer, one of Orthomolecular Science's founding fathers, when he first met me at his clinic.  I originally saw him on Oct. 18, 2005.  I had heard that he could help me battle my Multiple Sclerosis.

Included are follow-up notes from 2 more visits, demonstrating that Dr. Hoffer's guidance was very helpful.  These are the actual clinic's notes, re-typed for the purposes of posting them online.


My home address, middle names, and family doctor have been omitted. 




LEEDS, Peter

Date Seen: Oct. 18/2005


Chief Complaint - Concerned about multiple sclerosis.


History of Present Illness - About five years ago when this patient was really well his legs became numb, which cleared within a month.  He was okay then for two years and then he had a recurrence of the same thing but this time it involved more of his body; again it cleared after a short time.  But one year ago he once more suffered numbness, which is still present, affecting mostly his left arm.  He was examined carefully and he was diagnosed as having MS on the ground of central nervous system changes.  He was also tested in Seattle and was found to be deficient in methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase, which is one of the enzymes essential to convert folic acid into its essential element in the body.  He was advised to take some folic acid for that condition.  He was also told that that could be one of the reasons why he is having his problem.

The patient is very busy, runs his own business, does a fair amount of typing and he finds it more difficult to type because of the condition that he has.  Apart from that there are no other changes, he is not aware of any allergies, but he does suffer from fatigue and if he works very hard one day he might be tired for the next day or two.  Apart from that he appears to be physically okay.

Mental Status -

General - The patient's appearance and behavior in the office was appropriate.  There were no speech abnormalities.  Insight is normal and the patient is reliable.

Specific - Perception - Normal; the patient denied visual, auditory or other sensory illusions or hallucinations, depersonalization or feelings of unreality.

Thinking - (a) Process: The patient's memory and concentration are normal.  Level of consciousness is normal.  There is no disorientation.

(b)  Content: Normal; the patient denied obsessive, delusional or suicidal thoughts.  Judgment and insight are normal.  Abstract reasoning is normal.

Mood - Normal; not depressed, not hyperactive, stable with no mood swings.  The patient's anxiety level is normal with no panic episodes.

Diagnosis - No psychiatric diagnosis.

Treatment - The patient will follow the present diet he is on which is the fat-free Swank diet.  I suggested he should go dairy-free instead and that he might increase his intake of fish and meat.  To this he should add:

Niacin 100 mg TID

Ascorbic acid 2 g TID

B-complex 100 mg OD

Folic acid 5 mg per day; he will take 5 of the 1 mg tablets per day, but if his doctor will give him a prescription, he can get the 5 mg tablets which might be better

B-12 injections 1 mg, probably sub cutaneous, twice a week

Zinc citrate 50 mg per day

Salmon oil 1 g TID

Vitamin D3 5000 IU twice a day

A.  Hoffer MD PhD FRCP(C)




Date Seen: Oct. 3/2006


This client was first seen here in October 2005 for multiple sclerosis.  He has been on a program since that time and is very much better.  The only thing left is some slight numbness in his fingers, but there is a major improvement.  In fact he had several MRIs, and the second one showed a major deteriorating spot in his brain that is now almost gone, which was very surprising to the neurologist who read that.

General discussion about MS and he will continue on the same program as before but will increase his niacin to 500 mg three times a day.  His wife came with him this time and she was also very much interested in what she could do.  We had a brief discussion about what kind of program she would follow.




Date Seen:  October 31/06


Feels better, very pleased.