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Arthritis - Healed My Arthritis with Ortho Molecular Science!

Here is yet another gowing testimonial about the power of Ortho Molecular Science!

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David H writes:


In the mid 1980's I enjoyed jogging and riding my bike on long tours around the countryside. At times my knee would lock up and there was constant pain that increased with activity. I let it go until the pain was constant & I couldn't ignore it anymore.


In 1993 I had surgery to repair a kneecap problem. It didn't turn out to be typical cartilage problems as the surgeon anticipated. He discovered that the underside of the patella was significantly worn and very rough. It was smoothed over and I was advised that a kneecap replacement would be required in about 7 years. Also, I was advised that I'd be prone to arthritis and was given a long list of “do nots” that included stairs, ladders and stooping...hard for a person living in a 2 storey house with a love of working inside and out in the fields. It took some time to get walking properly again and even though the sharp pains had stopped there was still a measure of discomfort.


My sister-in-law who was very interested in natural medicine and supplements suggested that I take Glucosamine to help reduce the inflammation and pain. In fact, she bought my first bottle of Glucosamine to try. Somewhere along I read about Chondroitin and also started taking it.


My daily regimen of taking these supplements lasted about 5 years. I stopped only because the knee discomfort had diminished significantly and I wanted to find out if the nagging pain would return. It has not. I only get discomfort when over extending my physical work or activities or during cold weather. During this whole time I have tried to remain active working around the house or on the acreage & getting out for a daily 6km walk. My wife and I enjoy walking/hiking and pick travel destinations that provide opportunity for that type of activity.


I truly believe that maintaining an active life and taking these supplements proved to be a success for me. And I have no need for further surgery.


David H