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Alchoholism - Nothing Short of a Miracle!

Here is another encouraging testimonial in our long list of successes.  (See also the Alchoholism section of Peter's Promise)

Mike F. writes:

I hope this letter gets to you. I'm going to sign up your penny stock news letter but I thought you'd like to hear my success with Ortho Molecular Science...I stumbled acrossed it by reading your blogs.

You see every night when I got home from work all I'd want to do is drink and on my days off I'd start in the morning and drink all day.

I know "Alcoholism" is 3 parts... Spiritual... Psychological and Physical... believe me I worked very hard on the first two that wasn't the problem. I saw a great therapist... do meditations... constantly listen to affirmation CD's. I honestly feel very good about myself but I still drank...heavily.

Then after reading your blog I had an "ah ha" moment. Maybe my drinking is Physical also so I thought what do I have to lose I went out and bought all of the supplements suggested and taken them exactly as directed and it has been nothing short of a miracle! I'm cautiously optimistic but I have absolutely no compulsion to drink...I can't believe it.

I hope this letter is an "upper" for you it sure has been an "upper" for me.

Thanks Peter...really


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