The Ortho Molecular Answer

ADHD - Client C.B

C.B was first seen in February.  She had been getting progressively more nervous for four years with fatigue and nervousness at school and overactivity at home.  She told her mother all the children were against her and hated her and her parent.  She was very fond of junk food. To me she complained only of intermittent pain in her abdomen.  I started her on a niacinamide, pyridoxine and the sugar-free diet.  One month later she was well.

By July we found she was not following her diet and had stopped taking her vitamins because she did not like swallowing pills.  According to her parents she had relapsed into her previous condition.  She had failed grade 7.  She was considered not improved.  

Because she did not like the taste of niacinamide, I started her on capsules instead and again she was well one month later.  She no longer objected to taking these capsules.  Her hyperactivity scores decreased and her final evaluation was that she was well."

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