The Ortho Molecular Answer

Huntington's Disease - The Roofer

I went to visit a leading Ortho Molecular clinic in Victoria B.C and discussed in detail the Ortho Molecular treatment for Huntington's Disease with a world renowned therapist.  She told me a story of a man that had come to the clinic after being diagnosed with Huntington's disease. His muscular degeneration was tremendous and the psychological component of his disease was intense.  This man was married and had several children.  His disease had progressed rapidly and as with Huntington's, it hit him later in life.  

This client of the clinic used the Ortho Molecular treatment as outlined on Peter's Promise and made an astounding recovery.  Over time his psychological symptoms disappeared and his muscular symptoms seemed to improve.  Ortho Molecular therapy clearly seemed to be working for this client.

His therapist decided to call him because they hadn't spoken in a while just to see how he was doing.  The client's wife answered the phone and said with joy that he was unable to come to the phone.  The symptoms of this disease which were once debilitating for this client seemed to reversed to such a degree that he had climbed onto the roof of his house to fix his shingles!  Needless to say the therapist was thrilled to hear how wonderful her client was doing!