The Ortho Molecular Answer

Schizophrenia and Alcoholism

This story was documented by a leading Ortho Molecular therapist.

"In 1960  a woman complained that she was very troubled by voices which were incessant and loud and that the only way she could control them was to drink enough alcohol to be drunk, She became alcoholic and joined AA but whenever she stopped drinking long enough the voices came back and she had to go back to the treatment that did help. She was desperate to be free of both the voices and the alcohol. She was started on niacin 3 grams daily and within a few months she was a good member of AA and was free of voices, She became a member of the first schizophrenic  anonymous group I organized in Saskatoon  and was a leader in this group.  She drank not because she liked the alcohol but  because it was the only way, until she went on to niacin, to be rid of her voices.   This observation alerted me that there was a sub group of alcoholics who needed niacin in order to control their underlying biochemical pathology."